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Why Passively Invest In Apartment Syndications

Today more than ever, we understand your need for an asset investment that is lucrative, predictable and recession resilient.  Without a doubt, we believe by passively investing in apartment syndications you can have all three.

Best of all, as a passive investor, all the hard work that goes into making your investment successful is done for you. After you invest, the only thing you’ll have to do is sit back, receive your turnkey cash flow, your profits from sale and all the capital back that you initially invested.

On top of turnkey cash flow, profits and capital preservation, Syndication Capital provides our investors access to multiple tax advantages, risk management and the peace-of-mind of knowing their investment dollars are safe in the hands of a trusted partner.

But that’s only part of the mission. In addition to the obvious financial gains, you’ll have an opportunity to be a part of meaningful work. You’ll help create stable communities, improve the quality of life for others and transform units into homes.

Imagine…securing your financial future, building generational wealth and making a positive impact by helping other love where they live. What an opportunity!

This is what we do and why we do it. If your interest aligns with ours, we invite you to join us.

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Trusted Partners

We know what matters most to you and that’s TRUST. Knowledgeable, transparency, integrity and alignment of interest are core principles under which our firm operates. We do what we say, keep our word, and treat you the way we wish to be treated. As our partner, your investment dollars are handled with as much -even more- care and consideration as our own.


Historical data shows, especially when compared to more traditional investment vehicles like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, multifamily apartment investing has the highest number of up years and the lowest number of down years with the lowest amount of risk of investment. 


We offer our passive investor partners solid returns in two ways, debt and equity. As an equity investor, you’ll enjoy dependable cash returns and profit splits. As a debt investor, you’ll benefit from consistent monthly interest payments. Both investment models include the security, safety and preservation of your original investment, which above all is our primary focus.


As an owner of multifamily apartments, you’ll enjoy multiple IRS allowed tax advantages. Depreciation, 1031 Exchanges, Refinances and Legacy Transfers are powerful tools that dramatically increase the value of passive multifamily apartment investing. For example, Depreciation will be greater than the distributions paid out each year, which can reduce or even eliminate your taxable income bill. 


People will always need a place to live. We leverage this fact in markets throughout the U.S. where apartment fundamentals are strong and financially favorable towards investing. Downward trending homeownership and increasing renter-occupied units, decreasing apartment vacancy rates, increasing population, job growth, future generations desiring lower home maintenance living, looming economic impact, immigration growth…all these demand factors contribute to a growing apartment market.


Invest in a recession-resistant asset that is proven to perform well in all market cycles. You have multiple funding options that you can use to invest.; Cash, Self-Directed IRAs, Solo 401Ks, SEP IRAs, QRPs, SIMPLE IRAs, Trusts and LLC’s. Different locations, growing markets, economies of scale, larger deal size…all can be used to your advantage.

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In this world of economic uncertainty and exclusion, we provide order and opportunity.



  Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1



It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.



The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator.



Believe you can and you’re halfway there.



Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. I you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas 



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Get Started!

A recent survey found over half of Americans have no more than $10,000 saved for retirement, and 1 in 3 have nothing saved at all…that includes Baby Boomers—the ones who are quickly nearing retirement age!

It’s time for you to start creating passive income streams and building long-term wealth! Partner with us! We’ll help you protect the capital you have and grow it. You deserve to live your life with freedom.

Start now by clicking the Join Us button below. After completing our new investor form you’ll receive our free E-book: How To Passively Invest In Multifamily Apartment Syndications and have access to our multifamily investment offerings, newsletter and events.

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