In today’s unpredictable economic and health environment, apartment owners must focus on economic occupancy and tenant retention in order to maintain long term profitability. Doing so can result in less turnover, lower bad debt, better and more leads and higher quality residents, which means a higher net operating income. In this series, I’ll highlight 5 targeted tenant appreciation ideas and events for apartment owners.

Kids & Young Adults

  1. Back to School party: Host a pool party for the kids on the weekend before school starts.
  2. Froyo Friday: Set up a frozen yogurt station in the clubhouse.
  3. Back to School Bingo Bash: Winners get free school supplies.
  4. Teddy Bear Picnic: Picnic for the kids with their favorite stuffed animal.
  5. Game night: Have the kids bring their favorite games to the clubhouse for a game night.
  6. Water Balloon War: Dodgeball, but with water balloons.
  7. Arts and Crafts: Set up craft making or finger-painting stations in the clubhouse.
  8. Chalk Party: Provide children with sidewalk chalk to write on the parking lot or sidewalks, have a hopscotch competition with prizes.
  9. Entertainment Night: Offer popcorn and smores, and a movie.
  10. Cupcake Decorating: Set up a cupcake decorating station in the clubhouse.

Free Food Events

  1. Breakfast-On-The-Go: Purchase portable breakfast foods (burritos are the best) and waters and give them to the residents as they drive through the apartment exit on their way to work. You could also pack brown bag breakfasts or lunches for the kids, or pass out bagels or muffins instead.
  2. Sip-N-Sweet Mondays/Fridays: Set up a coffee and donut station in the clubhouse or leasing office reception area.
  3. Wine Tasting: set up a wine tasting station with cheeses in the clubhouse leasing office reception area.
  4. Take and Bake Pizza Parties: Set up a pizza making station in the clubhouse. Residents can come in, make a custom pizza and take it home to cook.
  5. Snow Cones: Hand out snow cones on a hot day at the pool.
  6. Taco Tuesday: Set up a taco making station in the clubhouse.

Tenant Competitions

  1. Trivia Night: Host a trivia night in your clubhouse or online with prizes.
  2. Game Night: Host a game night in your clubhouse or online with prizes.
  3. Scavenger Hunt: Create a community scavenger hunt for prizes
  4. BBQ Cook Off: Host an outdoor BBQ competition. Offer prizes (and maybe even a trophy) for the winner.
  5. Poker Night: Host a Texas Hold’Em tournament at the clubhouse or online.

Community Events

  1. Clean Out Your Closet: Host a community-wide closet cleaning event, collecting gently used clothing from residents. Enter the participants names into a raffle and give away a gift card to a clothing store.
  2. Yard Sale: Host a yard sale in the parking lot or by the clubhouse. Tenants can sell stuff and buy stuff from other tenants.
  3. Online Fitness Classes: Sponsor online fitness classes, like Peleton, aerobics, pilates or yoga.
  4. Bike Ride: Host a community bike ride.

Themed and Holiday Events

  1. Flowers for Mom: Free flower pots in the clubhouse for residents to give to their moms.
  2. Mother’s Day Card Making: Set up a card making station in the clubhouse.
  3. Gift Wrapping Station: Set up a gift-wrapping station in the clubhouse.
  4. BBQ: Parking lot BBQ with hot dogs, burgers, chips and drinks.
  5. Firework Show or Viewing: Set up a parking lot or area firework show of viewing.
  6. Online Costume Competition: Host an online costume party and have everyone vote on the best costume, with the winner receiving a Halloween themed gift.
  7. Online Pumpkin Carving Contest: Host an online pumpkin carving event and have everyone vote on the best Jack-o-Lantern with the winner receiving a Halloween themed gift.
  8. Movie Night: Show It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story or favorite Christmas movie.

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